VMWare 5.5 on Windows - Bridge to WLAN

  • Ok here's my Problem.
    I'm running VMWare 5.5 on Windows XP.
    I've bridged my WLAN-card and my Ethernet-NIC to a virtual PfSense (1.0 release).

    physical          virtual
    cable    –>    WAN
    WLAN    -->      LAN

    On the WAN side i recieve a dynamic IP.
    In Windows i create an ad-hoc network on WLAN.

    Now whenever a client connects to this WLAN he recieves a IP from the pfSense-DHCP and can connect to the pfSense (Webinterface) but he doesn't get routed to the internet.

    could anyone give me a tipp why not?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Did you create rules at the bridged interfaces that allows traffic?

  • I dont bridge in PfSense. I want to use it as a NAT-Router.
    I mean I've bridged (with VmWare) the Physical Interfaces (LAN / WLAN) to the Virtual PfSense.

    It looks to me as if PfSense does not route at all since i cann access it and the virtual Pf has access to internet.

  • bridge the real wan port with vmware to the pfsense wan port

  • you mean like this?
    that's how it currently is:

    WLAN (physical) –----vmwarebridge----- ---WAN (virtual pf)
    LAN (physical----------vmwarebridge--------LAN (virtual pf)

  • i did some more testing and somehow i believe that VmWare Bridging and WLAN dont go well together ^^"

    when i'm at home in and bridge the virtual pfsense WAN to hostmachine WLAN the pfsense recieve an IP from my wlan but cant communicate with anything on WAN. i cant even ping the hostmachine.

    i searched some forums and read some threads that VmWare Bridging is newly working on linux but i didnt find any information about windows so i assumed it is working, but apparently it is not :D

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