How to enable screensaver

  • I'm using a laptop (HP nc4200) to run pfSense 2 beta. The laptop gets kind of hot when it's closed but not when opened; it sucks in cool air through a thingie just above the keyboard. So I'd like to keep the laptop opened but I'm afraid that the pfSense menu will burn into the screen.

    Is there a way to enable FreeBSD's screensaver in pfSense 2?

  • Either just close the lid to when the screen light comes of, not all the way.
    Or you should be able to set screen-blank-timeout in Bios …

    Wonderful problem though  ;D

  • Hazze, thanks for your answer. However the BIOS has no such option (it is a very limited HP BIOS) and the screen needs to be opened quite far to allow the fan to suck in cool air as the airhole is positioned almost where the lower part of the laptop connects to the screen part, so above the keyboard, near the hinge.

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    My laptops have a key combo that shuts off the screen (or at least the backlight)

    You might also be able to grab blank_saver.ko from a FreeBSD 7.2 box or VM and add blank_saver_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf

    I think green_saver.ko will turn the monitor off via DPMS if it's supported. There are a few other _saver modules too, some more useful than others (I like daemon_saver and rain_saver myself!)

    One of these days I should make a package for them

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