HFSC not assigning bandwidth properly

  • My HFSC is not assingning bandwidth properly. I will show my set up in screen shots.

    The point is that even tho I have only 1% of bandwidth from qLANRoot assigned to p2p traffic (which goes to a proper queue btw) - no real time traffic given and total bandwidth limited to 95% - and 60% assigned to a qOthersH which is http (including youtube ofcourse) when the p2p start onsuming it's 95% allowance once the http traffic becomes active it does not take more than 300-500 Kbps (youtube). However when p2p is not active onca I start launching video from youtube the traffic graph for qOthersH jumps to 4Mbps inicially and slowly drops to 1Mbps and a bit lower further on.

    Here are some screens from my configuration:

    ![real time queue.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/real time queue.jpg)
    ![real time queue.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/real time queue.jpg_thumb)

  • Two more screens:

    I was thinking maybe the order of the queues from top to the bottom has an effect on how they are calculated?
    Would it be a good idea to move queues with the highest priority to the top of the table?

  • I have played with adding additional penalty queues with the p2p queue in place . All my penalty queues are before the p2p queue . The rules are set up this way as well.
    As far as I can tell the rules page is the place to set the order . After I ran the wizard all the p2p rules were at the bottom of the list with catch all rule at the end. Seems to work fine on this end.

  • Well I'm quite fresh after the wizard and in the Rules tab all qOthersH are higher then the qp2pDown or qp2pUp so I guess we have different results with similar setup  :-[

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