• Hi, while running the beta these last few nights, I've noticed a problem.  Whenever I set up a L7 Filtering container and apply a rule to use that container, I see under System Activity that ipfw-classifyd is starting at a low value in memory and quickly creeps up until all my memory and swap is used, resulting in a freeze.  I will paste the stats below.

    23698 root      45    0  342M  337M ucond    0:14  1.17% {ipfw-classifyd}
    Mem: 386M Active, 10M Inact, 39M Wired, 22M Buf, 43M Free

    That's with only one layer-7 rule and container that wasn't even in use!

    Here's with all containers and the one rule removed.

    Mem: 23M Active, 15M Inact, 35M Wired, 9732K Cache, 22M Buf, 395M Free

    Obviously something is wrong here, I am on the build of May 26th 2253
    I tried the latest snap (May 28th 1648) But had problems even keeping a network connection up, so I simply reinstalled to the older snap. Also ipfw-classifyd does not terminate until every container or rule is removed either, even with the rules removed it will persist in eating ram until the container that it is attached to is removed. Any ideas?

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