DYNDNS - Didn't update

  • Hello,

    I have a been running PFSense for quite some time now, and recently discovered the built in dyndns client, and it seems to have been working very well until today.

    I am running PFSense 1.0-Release, and I have cable internet, with a DHCP provisioned address.

    Last night my internet connection seemed to die, but when I checked the interface the old IP address was still registered.  I manually released and renewed the DHCP lease in the interface gui screen which gave me a new IP address, and all was seemingly back to normal… that is until I got to work and found that my dyndns alias was no longer working.

    How often does the client check for a changed IP, and doesn't the release/renew trigger a check automatically within the dyndns client?  I'm not sure if this is a bug, or if the dyndns client only checks when the whole interface is brought down/up.

    At any rate, I thought I should report this.  I absolutely love PFSense.  Thanks for all your collective hard work! :)

    -- Phob

  • PS - This is a whole different issue, but my IPSec VPN session wouldn't reconnect until I disabled and then re-enabled the IPSec VPN service through the GUI.  Will this happen every time my IP address changes?

    – Phob

  • Is this related to the filter reload bug?  Just curious to know why it all happens.

    – Phob

  • We'll know after 1.0.1 is out. Please retest with that release (will appear soon).

  • i also have a similar issue,
    i set up dyndns on a remote connection, with a wireless modem
    i was able to remotely connect to the pfsense through that modem..
    now i cannot..
    what happened?

  • Don't have a clue? Thunderstorm, powerouttage, the cleaner needed a powerplug for his vacuum cleaner…what makes you think it has to do something with dyndns just because a system disappeared? Without systemlogs, even if this is a dyndns problem, we can't help you.  ::)

  • hmm..
    after running a traceroute to the clientx.dyndns.org,
    found out its pointing in the vague direction (though not the actual IP) of the network of the wireless modem..
    i have checked, the modem and pfsense WRAP box is on..
    so im wondering if theres something odd where pfsense wont bring up its interface?
    its running 1.0.1, and is dhcp to the wireless modem, and has dyndns running..
    let me know if u can think of any issues/bugs,
    in the meantime, i will ring clientx and ask them to powercycle.

  • Doing a powercycle will dump systemlogs. Also without knowing in which state the system is now (no IP at WAN for example) it's hard to troubleshoot.

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