Speed increased significantly

  • I just install pfsense on a P3 733mhz 512mb RAM two nic's both 100mbit  WAN other LAN connected to my linksys router..
    I've notice a significantly increase in speed via browsing internet, (speedtest.net is hitting 30mbits Down)
    Now I did not test it before hand but I never got 30meg I know that, and what made me do a speedtest was the real world difference I felt loading web pages ect…
    I really didnt configure pfsense what so ever other than choosing the interfaces,
    why /how does pfsense help in dl speeds out of the box?

  • even stranger my neighbor who lives 20 ft away Same ISP is getting speeds of 8-10mb/s down.
    which is what our isp rates are at.

  • I have TWC for my internet and my speeds are 7mb down. However they have a feature called "speed boost" or something that give you 30mb down for the first few seconds of each download. maybe this is what you are seeing. try to download a large file and see what the speeds are over time

  • ;D

    Ya know what this is exactly the conclusion I came to, because I DL a Very large file and after 30 sec to a min my speeds went down to the rated 10mb.. The only question is why my nieghbor doesn't even get the speed boost at all…
    Either way makes causal web surfing much faster..

  • also resetting my router during my pfense installation may have activated this feature from my isp as well

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