Dynamic DNS and Multiple WAN Failover issues

  • I've setup dyndns service for both WAN1 and WAN2 using the same domain name and yet when I disconnect WAN1 uplink it doesn't seem to failover and update my domain with the ip of WAN2 ….

    Does DynDNS service not operate in a failover state, if so how?

  • It's intended for changing ip's not failover pool's.

  • Well what I need is a way to update my dyndns ip after a failover happens so that it always gets the correct active ip address.
    Is this not possible ?

  • Dyndns is not meant to work that way.
    Furthermore it does not make any sense because you dns name will need at least 1 day to get propagated around.
    You can bind the same name to many ips and setup that in the dyndns.

  • DynDNS's default TTL for their Dynamic DNS service is 60 seconds and it can go down to 20 seconds.  Propagation through any well behaved DNS server isn't an issue (there is an issue with all the badly behaved DNS servers that ignore the TTL though).

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