Cant log in to website :2082 (CPANEL)

  • Hi,

    I know it will be something simple but I am a newbie at this and have got stuck.

    I am using two internet connections.
    I have set up load balancing etc….
    I have setup firewall rules for HTTPS etc so that the banks will work.
    The load balancing is working fine...(I did not chose or want sticky connections.)
    I am having a small issue.
    If I connect directly to the internet and try to log in to my (Obviously not the correct address) I can log in fine.
    If I connect using the router it continually asks my for my username and password.

    If I enable sticky connections it fixes the problem but I can't use stick connections. (PC's restore after every user and therfore would never load balance...)

    I am pretty sure that I need to assing one connection for :2082 but I do not know how.

    Thank you in advance for any and all help.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Setup a rule exactly like your HTTPS rule but for port 2082.

  • What I do for cases like this - HTTPS and whatnot, is to create a "Failover" loadbalancer (or two) configured similarly to the loadbalancer one - then create a firewall rule on LAN (in your case for 'destination TCP port 2082') that uses the Failover gateway you created instead of the loadbalancer - that way you'll stay on the one interface/IP unless that link actually fails.  I'd prefer this to assigning a single gateway as it still provides functionality should you lose one WAN link.

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