ALIX 2D3, PfSense 1.23: only vr0 recognized

  • I've installed PfSense 1.23 on ALIX 2D3 and when it boots; it can only find vr0.  The other NICs aren't detected.  I'm using the 4g image on a 4g card.  The bios of the ALIX device is the latest: 99h.  A year earlier, all worked fine with the then current version of PfSense.



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That may be a hardware issue.

    So it wasn't used at all for a year? was there a problem when it was taken out of service?

    I have many ALIX 2D3 boxes in the field and they all work fine with all three NICs.

    You could try to image a card with 1.2.2 to see if there is any change.

  • It worked fine when last I used it, but I did try a number of different open source solutions.  I might have zapped it one of the many times I removed or reinserted the memory card.  At any rate I'll give your suggestion a try.  Thanks, Mark

  • I currently have two ALIX 2D3 running 1.2.3 Released with no problems.  I would try reflashing with 1.2.3 and if the problems still persists, save the aluminum case and throw the motherboard in the trash.  BTW, have you tried another power supply?