• Hi,

    I'm new to PFSense and FreeBSD and have a OLSR question.

    We already have a network routed by OLSR and we want to intagrate PFSense Embedded to it but it impossible to configure the MultiLinkQual from the WebGUI and we really need this option. I can't also add it to the olsr.conf file since it generated from config.xml. I tried to to create a olsr2.conf file and edit olsrd.xml to take it config from this file but after a reboot, olsr2.conf was erased. Is there a way to configure this option somewhere or to use a other olsr.conf file instead of the one generated from the config.xml file ?

  • As it sounds like you only need a text field, you could try adding it to the olsr php file.

  • Thank Perry for the answer.

    If I add a line to the OLSR PHP file, it will chang de config.xml file for something like this.

    <ping><polling><enabledsecure><securekey><linkqualitymult> 0.10</linkqualitymult></securekey></enabledsecure></polling></ping></enableannounce></enabledyngw></allowedhttpinfosubnet></allowedhttpinfohost></config></olsrd>

    but when PF will creat is oslr.conf file from this file, it will not know what to do with the <linkqualitymult>option and it will probabely result in a error. I would also need to add somewhere that the option <linkqualitymult>mean that it have to write LinkQualMult = "text box" and also cheak if the text box have a valid IP adresse and multiplicator.

    Somebody know how I can add this or show me a howto of how script are built from config.xml ?</linkqualitymult></linkqualitymult>