Up and running on Watchguard 500

  • I up and runnning on my Watchguard 500.  I have 1 wan, and there interfaces up and running.  I only have 256 MB of ram in the system.  With basicly for interfaces up and runinng I am only using 33%.

    How more can I do with 256MB of ram?

  • how large of a network is behind the box? depending on the amount of traffic its going to handel will depend how much you might be able to do, if you have at least two (or more) computers on your network I strongly suggest no less then 512MB ram to be safe, obviously more RAM the better…I use about one to two gigs of ram and thats kinda over kill for me but there are times when its gotten close to putting a few thousand (or more) worth of states and nearly used of 1GB, although I have yet to get it to max at 2GB for states, BUT to answer your question it would help to know how many computers are on the network and what exactly its (the PFbox) is doing (firewall, traffic shaping, content filtering, etc) to get a better idea if the 256 is enough or if you might need a bit more.

  • just two vpn tunnels, 4 machines.

  • @fastcon68:

    just two vpn tunnels, 4 machines.

    you should be fine with 256k
    it is 1k per state, I have 7 computers in my network and almost never went above 100 states. To be on the safe side, make sure you have a swap partitiom on you hard drive or compact flash. I also have 256 on the watchguard and I have a 512k swap partition. I don't think however that swap was ever used. Also if you use openvpn make sure on the advanced options you enable the cryptographic card that comes with the watchguard. Just put engine cryptodev on the advanced openvpn options and use one of the supported algorhythms such as aes, des or 3des etc.

    Enjoy your watchguard.

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