Struggling with boot up

  • I am struggling to get my new install of PFsense to boot - It gets stuck with this:

    F1  FreeBSD

    Boot:  F1

    with a flahing cursor under the |

    There is a cursor flashing under the |

    It just doesn't want to boot at all.

    I have checked the bios settings and changed the disk settings as recommended in another post to LRC (sorry could be different letters!).

    I am using a drive which have the ribbon cable!  Is that P-ATA?  The one that has the 4 pins with little jumpers.

    This PC is around 3 years old I guess - Sony Vaio AMD 2400+.

    I wil see if I can upgrade the BIOS….

    Any advice would be great.

  • OK, managed to fix it, although not sure how.

    I just tried different combo's from the documentation on boot up issues and it finally worked…

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