• I have pfsense up and running now, with just two clients in use.

    I use a captive portal, and have a simple guest account (I assume I can have many users signed into the one guest account?).

    When you enter a web address and press enter, it takes around 5 to 10 seconds atleast before the page displays, but any clicks to links within that site are very quick once the first page has loaded.  If you navigate away to a different site, again, it takes quite a while to settle again.

    Is this something I just have to expect?  Could this be because I am using my router as a DNS server, and pfsense is querying the router?  Is it because pfsense is checking the user for authentication each time, or checking the firewall list etc, and this just takes a while?

    Any info would be great!

  • This sounds like a timeout of the DNS query.
    I would configure the DNS on the pfSense fix to and and uncheck the "allow DNS to be overwritten by DHCP on the WAN".
    Then set your clients all to use pfSense as DNS server.

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