Lan and Wan issue

  • I have a PC with an on board ethernet port.  I added a second ethernet card.  I configured the onboard port as the WAN.

    The onboard port worked with XP, but will not work with pfsense (orange light on router rather than green, and no WAN access.)

    I had another card, so added this as a third and reconfigured it to act as the WAN, using the onboard port for nothing.  It now works.

    I did want to use the onboard port rather than an addional card.  Is it worth worrying about?  I was considering using the onboard as a WAN and the two addional ports as two LANS (one for one building and one for another).

    Cheers for any pointers :-)

  • Chipset of the NIC?
    pfSense 1.2.3 supports everything FreeBSD 7.2 supports.
    Is this card on the "supported hardware list"?
    If you look at the output of dmesg:
    There should be entries for the nonworking card.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you're feeling lucky you could try the 2.0 beta and it might support that chipset better.

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