Hostnames not being registered via dns forwarder after awhile?

  • Dunno if this belongs here or the DHCP/DNS forum.  Running a very recent 2.0 build.  I have the box checked to cause DHCP hostnames to be registered with the DNS forwarder and it works.  For awhile.  After some period of time (days?  longer?), I notice that hosts with names are renewing leases, but the names are not being registered.  I go to the config page, uncheck that box, hit save, check the box, hit save again, and it is okay for awhile.  Any ideas?  Diagnostic info I can get devs?

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    There is an open ticket for it not working properly. I haven't experimented much with it myself, but even the detail that you have there would suffice, especially if you can narrow down the time range or conditions that make it stop.

    Any messages in the logs when this happens?

  • It's hard to nail down,  because there is no obvious failure, except name resolution stops working for dynamic hosts, but I don't do that often, so it's hard to say when it happens.  I will check the logs though.

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    So it stops even for existing hosts, and not just for new hosts?

    Can you check /var/etc/hosts when it does work and when it doesn't?

  • Interestingly, just b4 I left for work this AM, I accidentally unplugged the box and when it came back up, it was broken this way.  I can confirm several dynamic hosts have DHCP'ed and no entries.  /var/etc/hosts looks fine except for no entries that should be there.  Usually, I can "fix" it by turning off that option and back on.  I just did that - will see if it works again.

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