Whats the best way to shape a shared connection?

  • Public WIFI, say a dozen users.

    What is the best way to ensure one of those users does not hog all the download bandwidth and make the other users slug up?

    If you apply a bandwidth to each client connection, if only one user was connected (or a couple), would this limited bandwidth be 'opened'?

    I thought configuring pfsense was going to be tricky, but the traffic shaping is scarey for newbie!


  • Hey guys, any pointers on this?

    I would like to setup some bandwidth restrictions per client but would like to only implement these bandwidth restrictions when there are several people on line.  Or when traffic is heavy.

    Is this possible?

    Much appreciated.


  • This level of shaping is non-trivial, I'm afraid.  It can be done, but I doubt you will get an ABC description of how on a free forum like this.

  • this should work: setup a static ip for every pc, create two queues for each ip one for up traffic one for down traffic, set the bandwithd of each queue to (total_bandwith - ack queue) / number_of_pcs, and dont set upper limit, this way if some pc's queues are not using their bandwithd, the other pc's queues will borrow bandwidthd from qwandef and/or qlandef, when the other pc's queues increases their load, the borrowed bandwidth will be returned.

  • Shaping is IMO a solution for problems with bandwidth.
    If you have no problems (i.e. because you have more bandwidth than needed) there is no reason to control traffic.
    If you have a problem, you will know how to solve it.

    You can easily run the shaper wizard and set up a bunch of default queues and rules to get an idea how it is working and what is going on with the traffic. There some some nice defaults in the wizard (VoIP or the SYN/ACK priority) and it wont destroy anything - activate some more if you are unshure, just be careful with the penalty - I used it on an unused IP first to understand the rulesets behind.

    just my 2 cents  ;)

  • yup … if u have more BW then it's not problem ...

    @crnet ...
    thanks to give a good direction ...

    i like this ... and it wont destroy anything ...
    give a courage to eksplore ...

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