Please Help To Conf PPPOE HOW

  • Hello  ,

    I want to use pfsense local firewall and vpn with using ipsec. I use adsl to connect to the internet.In adsl modem configure to the connection type to bridge mode and on pfsense in wan interface i use the PPPOE . But its doesn't  work.

    In Pfsense lan ip network is /24 . Adsl Modem Wan ip is static and lan ip network is

    What is wrong .Please help me..


    PS: sory my bad bad bad english

  • Hi,

    where you signed your username and password? if in PPPOE Server i think it´s wrong.
    You have to sign them at the WAN Interface and set it up to PPPOE connection.

    PS: sorry for my bad english too (german would be easier for me  ;D )

  • Yes i use the pppoe fiels in pfsense bu can not access internet.

    adsl modem lan interdace and pfsense lan interface is ..i try yes both of lan interdace same network and try again…

    ps : realt i was born in germany in mannheim ..i love germany ..

  • the PPPOE fields in pfSense are wrong if you want to establish an internet connection.

    1. go on LAN an set up the IP to ( is the the hole network range with IPs from to

    2. go on WAN an sign in your username an password given to you by your Provider / ISP

    3. go on Firewall -> Rules -> LAN if there is no entry made auomaticly an set it up like shown on the 3rd picture

    if nothing works try the setup wizard ;)

    i hope that will help you to set up your pfSense

  • Thanks everybody for your help.

    i got it..

  • nice one  ;D

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