8 dynamic IP's on my external NIC's

  • I tried for quite some time to make sure i wasnt double posting a question here, but didnt find anything that helped.  so I'll ask.

    alright, heres a minimal network diagram:

    [ public internet ] -> [ modem ] -> [ 8 port network switch ] -> [ pfsense router with 9 nics ] -> [ network switch ] -> { LAN }

    i've got 8 dynamic ip's from my isp all through one cable modem.  i've been looking at guides about load balancing and multiple WAN's but the 8 external nics get their IP's correctly, gateways and the like. but i cant ever ping any of those 8 ips except WAN (i.e. OPT[1 .. 7] dont respond to ping) from the public internet.

    I'd appreciate some literature i could read or links or anything.  Again, I dont think i double posted but sorry if i did, i wasnt really sure what to search for so i just browsed through several forums.


  • Depending on the cable modem it may be running some filtering on the ports and switching. Can you login to the cable modem to do any diagnostics?

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