Need clarify for load-balance/failover with dynamic wan IPs

  • Years before I had read that "pfSense needs static gateways to be able to loadbalance.", is this still correct?

    Which means my wan connections must not be DHCP or PPPoE. And to get around,  I should put extra routers in front of the interfaces to NAT the dynamic IPs?

  • Yes the gateway has to be static.
    However, the IP of your WAN can change around as much as it wants, as long as the gateway doesn't change.
    –> You can get your WAN-IP via DHCP/PPPoE.
    I'm not sure what happens if you have the WAN in the balancer and you get dynamically a new IP. I suppose it will update the balancer.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can balance on dynamic connections, the gateway doesn't matter. You just need a monitor IP on each line (doesn't really matter which) and they will be balanced.

    You can only use PPPoE on WAN, though, your second WAN can be DHCP or static. The only real restriction is that you cannot have two connections with the exact same subnet/gateway.

    In 2.0 this is improved quite a bit, too.

  • Thanks for the clearing the status!

    Some local forum in my city told ppl to keep away from using pfsense for multi-wan, I tried to check it out but after google-ing I was more confused, cause some ppl said can while some said cannot.