New instal on a Firebox does not show the setup console

  • I am trying to install the june-2 snapshot on a firebox using a cf card. I tried both nanobsd and full install.
    Here is the problem:

    Freebds boots ok, pfsense partition read and executes, first time asks for if setup, once done it gives a few beeps, the serial console says bootup complete and then nothing ….. At this point it should display the setup console but it doesnt.

    Full install has the embedded kernel.

    It is strange that freebsd booting process shows on the serial console without problem and does not show errors, however after pfsense takes over, wan, lan and demons initialization (without errors displayed) after the message bootup complete and the boot complete chime, there is no more output on the console like if it is redirected somewhere else.

    I am going to try the same image on the alix and see what happens

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    The full install does not "prefer" the serial console for giving the menu, but it does show boot messages. If you want to fully use the serial console, you'd have to access the webgui and enable the serial console there, or use an embedded image instead.

    There was a ticket open for getting the console to show both places. Not sure what happened with it. It used to not show at all until you manually enabled serial console, so it must have been enabled somewhere along the line.

  • Well…. it is showing the serial console after all but for some reason in this box after booting up it switches on its own to 115200,n,8,1 instead of keeping 9800,n,8,1.

    Setting putty to 115200 gives me the console.

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