Is there Filipino's using pfSense?

  • I'm from Philippines and i installed pfSense as my firewall and many stuffs.

    I just want to ask if, is there filipinos using pfSense? And do we have pfSense certifications test/exam in our country?  I am interested of the test/exam if there is. And i want to know more about pfSense.  Where can we take trainings in pfsense? 
    Do we have pfSense community here in Philippines?


  • I believe there are a number of threads in TipidPC and that talk about pfSense. I think pfSense is being used for a number of internet cafes.

  • Hi there! It's good to know that there is another Filipino here who is interested in pdSense. I am just a newbie here and hopefully I'll enjoy my stay. I haven't heard that much about pfSense users in the country though.

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