Creating Nat rule for bittorrent for two people.

  • Just want to double check I am doing it the best way.

    I have two computers that use azurus.  Which uses port 6968 as default.  I already have a port forward rule setup for my PC.  I selected TCP and UDP just to make sure.

    When I tried to make another rule for my flatmates computer it said duplicate external port or something like that.  I could easily make a new rule and just change the port slightly and get my flatmate to change his port in azurus and everything would be fine.  But is there a better way?

    For example I have another user that I want to setup a port forward for as well but I don't want to have to configure his PC.  Is this possible?


  • That's the problem with NAT. As long as you only have one IP at WAN the same port can only be used one time. It wouldn't be able to divide different sessions at the same port for different clients or it would need a proxy but that proxy then would have to know and understand the protocol (like the sip-proxy we already have in packages or the ftp-helper).

    For bittorrent you have to use dedicated ports per client unless someone provides a proxy package for it.

  • Cool thanks.