DHCP static leases for 1 client w/ multiple interfaces but a single host name?

  • I have a client with 2 ethernet ports. Obviously this machine only has 1 host name.

    I want each ethernet port to have a static lease assigned to it.  So using pfSense's DHCP server, I attempted to setup two static leases, one for each ethernet port of that machine.

    However I can't create the second one, because it seems I can't have two static leases that use the same host name.  How do you get around this?  It's not like the host name can be different for each ethernet port…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can just give one of them a different name (add on a "2" or "-b" or something) and it should be fine.

    Are these in two different subnets? If they're both on the same subnet, you probably don't really want two NICs on the same subnet with two different IPs.

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