Multi-WAN through single NIC

  • Hi, is it possible through pfsense to have this sort of setup:

    Internet1, Internet2 <====> [ switch (not managed) ] <=====> (load balance)[ firewall ] <====> LAN

    where the firewall has one WAN NIC and one LAN NIC.  On the WAN side I want to set up a virtual interface to access the second gateway (Internet2).  Internet1 and Internet2 are both static IPs, and are from two different ISPs.

    I tried adding a VLAN to mimic the virtual interface, but when I assign it the static IP and gateway of Internet2, I can't seem to see it when I try to ping the gateway.

    Thanks for any help.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    On 1.2.3 this is not possible without using real VLANs and a managed switch.

    On 2.0 you can add multiple gateways on an interface and use those in gateway groups for load balancing and failover.

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