LightSquid not reporting host computer

  • Hi

    We have squid(2.7.8_1) & lightsquid (1.7.1) installed with all logging enabled on 1.2.3-RELEASE.
    LightSquid generates a report of visited sites but does not display a hostname, IP address etc. we have the IP resolve method set to 'demo'.
    Looking at the squid logs manually I can see IP addresses in there.
    squid is running in transparent mode.

    Is there some magic trick to getting this working?


  • Probably you pfsense dont know local DNS server.

  • It seems that the Demo mode (as shown below) doesn't actually return the IP. Setting this to IP does indeed return the IP

    thanks for responding.

    IP  - return IP 
    Demo  - return AUTHNAME, else DNSNAME, else IP 
    DNS  - return DNSNAME 
    Simple  - return AUTHNAME else IP 
    SMB  - return SMB name of pc 
    Squidauth  - return AUTHNAME else IP, allow cyrilyc name

  • Operation Demo is given in the description (check one AUTHNAME > then DNSNAME > then IP). If demo eturn IP then DNS not resolved you IP. This can be if you pfsense dont resolve local IP's by DNS.