Build failure (openpty)

  • I followed the steps for doing a build, and managed to build pfSense successfully once (the embedded image) using the steps provided.  I haven't made any changes, but I tried to build it again a couple days later by doing build_embedded.  It skips the build, as its supposed to, and then on the installworld step I fail with the error "script: openpty: No such file or directory", followed by "Something went wrong, check errors!".  At that point I tried doing an update with cvsup_current, and I get the same error right after the Building world for i386 architecture step.  Has anyone seen this before?  It says it saved a log, but the log is empty.  I searched on line, and I found some old posts for something being wrong with altq-vlan.diff, but that seems to have been fixed and updated.  Any ideas on what I should try next to get this built?

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