Routing issues with 4 PF routers.

  • I’ve got a rather complex setup as its 100% virtual using ESX4 (Virtual switches and multiple hosts)
    It's built for development and testing purposes.
    see the following PDF for a brief layout

    I've got 2 outstanding problems that I haven’t been able to resolve.

    1. An Issue with a DMZ guest ( is using the vIP as its gateway.
    When it tries to access any of the guests on the LAN network which are using the vIP gateway no traffic is passing (expected due to the gateway differences?)

    Is there a way to get this to correctly pass traffic or am I best off not using the LAN/DMZ vIP's x.254 as gateways?

    2. Setting up "VPN" access to all the networks without having to "use default gateway on remote network"
    I’m open to all suggestions.

    Many Thanks


  • Banned

    Why not use Vlan's for the PFsense, and then segregate the traffic using the Virtual Switches and Vlans…?

  • I’ve got 2 distributed switches with multiple port groups.
    1 Port group for each network which is a VLAN'd except for LAN. (VLAN 0)

    The second distributed switch is for WAN. (VLAN 0)
    I haven’t done individual vDS because to my knowledge so far each vDS requires a physical NIC.

    See the following image for the setup.

  • I had similar problem when I had 3 gateways.
    I tried to forward port on gateway 1 to station, where station was using gateway 2. So traffic was corretly going via gateway 1, but tried to come back from gateway 2.

    Now again I'm hitting such problem, I'm trying to forward port to machine assinged to VLAN interface (bond0:4) with subnet 192.168.4.x where LAN has subnet 192.168.0.x, this station uses as gateway (which is IP of VLAN interface on server) and has IP, but not on pfSense. TCP gives no connection, UDP packets can reach destination, but with "Network unreachable".

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