Multi-Wan and Hotmail

  • Hi,

    I have 2 isp's connected to my pfsense router with a multi-wan load balancing setup. Everything works fine, if one goes down the other one take's over etc…

    I only have 1 problem with Hotmail. When someone log's on to they get randomly a message that they are already connected from another computer. Also when they try to send an email they get an error back saying they're not authenticated to send mail to a non local domain.

    The second problem is the same issue as the first, as some requests are apparently being made by another ISP and not with the same one. Sticky notes are enabled and its not like they idle a lot before doing something.

    They get this message (already connected different pc), just by clicking on random stuff in hotmail. So not after an idle time or something.

    Anyone an idea how this is possible?


    TCP  isaservers  *  *  HttpStraffic  FailoverToWan2      Send secure traffic over the same link

    • isaservers * ! WAN_GWS * Balance_Wan1&2

    • isaservers * WAN1_GW * FailoverToWan1

    • isaservers * WAN2_GW * FailoverToWan2

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