Separation between download and browsing

  • Hi all
    I have made load balance and work good without failover and i carry it out from this page
    My question how to rediect browsing to  first wan and downloading to the second. It will help me to keep the browsing and chatting is very good all the time Regardless of the downloading that i want to keep it free for everyone in the lan (no limit on downloading). Note: people liked downloading most of the time for hours

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't distinguish between the two. Browsing is just downloading a lot of small files. And you don't know the size of the file until the connection has already been made, so it's already on a line by then.

    If the downloading usually happens on one or two sites, you could find out their IPs and then direct traffic to those sites over the second WAN.

  • Thank u for answer
    I have not good experience in internet protocol and how to distinguish between browsing and download by protocol. And i asked about this as i have seen it before in win2003 server and it was very nice. But i don't know the way.
    For ur way - its nice  - how to direct specific IP to specific wan.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    To direct an IP to a specific WAN, just add a firewall rule at the top of LAN that will match traffic going to that IP (or an alias with a bunch of IPs) and set the gateway on the rule to the WAN you want (Or preferably a failover group that just prefers that WAN)

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