Connecting two different network in pfsense

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if it possible for pfsense to connect two or more different network. Here are the scenario in the same building:

    Company A is using /24 subnet (using sonicwall as thier router, has it's own ISP)
    Company B is using /24 subnet (using pfsense as thier router, has it's own ISP)

    What I want to accomplish is to have both network connect to each other, right now company B cannot access the company A network and vice versa company A cannot access the company B network.

    I am trying to setup one network card in pfsense and configure the network card as OPT2 with the Campany A subnet ( and creating rules to allow access from OPT2 subnet going to pfsense LAN Subnet, and I also created Rule in LAN to have the source LAN Subnet  going to the OPT2 subnet.

    But no success can't ping the IP address of the company A subnet.

    Any help much greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • By the way, the OPT2 was physically connected to the switch of Company A.

  • you need to put a static route on the sonicwall for the network, using for the gateway.
    that should get the pings back to the company B network instead of going off out to the internet through the sonicwall.


  • What about in the pfsense did I done a correct setup in pfsense? Do I still need to configure a static route in sonicwall or I can accomplish what I am trying to do without touching the configuration on sonicwall, just make a static route on pfsense?

  • from the info you supplied, the pfsense setup should be ok, providing your rules are ok.
    the computers on the company A network can only talk directly to devices with a IP address. for all other IPs  they will forward requests to their configured gateway (the sonicwall).
    they know nothing about what lies beyond
    your options are:
    1. add static route to sonicwall to bonce back requests for to

    2. add static routes to every computer in company A

    3. ditch the sonicwall ;D  . plug both ISP feeds into pfsnse and have pfsense as the gateway on both networks. gives you the ability to loadbalance your internet connections and provide failover for  both sites.

  • Sorry, that I have not reply to this for a while. If I am going to use the option 1 how do I physically connect both networks, I am guessing an ordinary patch cable would work by connecting it to pfsense OPT2 and the other end was connected to sonicwall available port. Is this how you connect to establish the connection?


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