Connecting Pfsense IPsec behind linksys wireless N router

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if it possible for pfsense IPsec to work even we want to operate the pfsense box behind the linksys wireless N router? here is my situation;

    We have another office in Vancouver and right now they are connected to our network here using OpenVPN, however the users in vancouver is now increasing and I am looking to setup another pfsense box to work as IPSec site to site VPN, that way they don't need the OpenVPN client anymore. they have an existing network using linksys wireless N router and I wander if I can setup the pfsense box behind the linksys router, is this possible?

    Any help is much greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

  • I assume what you are asking is if you can set it up behind the Linksys router and the Linksys router is being NATed. I have done this previously but the device was a Linksys router with VPN capabilities behind a DSL modem that was NATting the traffic. It worked but not reliably. I have used the same Linksys vpn router when not behind a NAT and it does work reliably.

    If you can manage the network I would suggest using your pfSense box for the main router and then turn off the routing capabilities of the Linksys router and just let it continue to be an access point.

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