Two ftp

  • pfsense is
    built on Fri Oct 13 03:05:23 UTC 2006

    i have 3 iface, lan, wan and dmz

    problem 1:
    i have 2 ftp server on dmz
    same rules for each ftp server (same ftp server software, freenas)
    and all ifaces enabled  ftp proxy (unchecked)
    wan and lan connect ftp server1
    but not connect ftp server2

    ftpproxy support one ftp server?
    or whats wrong or why?

    problem 2:
    i have 2 ftp server, ftp1 on dmz, ftp2 on lan
    same rules used

    if wan iface enabled ftpproxy, connection success for ftp1 but not connected ftp2
    or wan iface disabled ftpproxy, connection success for ftp2, but not connected ftp1

    for this config log line:
    pftpx[3982]: #27 proxy cannot connect to server x.x.x.93: Operation not permitted

    whats wrong or why?


    (sorry for my bad english)

  • resolved 1.0.1 update. thanks.

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