Need some help with traffic shaping queues

  • Hey, I'm struggling to set up some traffic shaping queues and rules for my network.  I've tried "basing" new queues and rules off of what the "Wizard" creates, but I'll be honest and say at the moment this is a bit over my head.

    Here is my connection speed:

    Its probably supposed to be a 10Mb down/0.5Mb up connection, but of course with Time Warner you never get what you pay for, that's just wishful thinking.  The download speed is higher than it normally would be because of the short boost in speeds that Time Warner offers to make small files download faster.

    For these purposes, lets say on average the maximum bandwidth I have available for downloading is 9500 Kb/s and the maximum bandwidth I have for uploading is 450 Kb/s.

    Anyway, I would like to set up four Queues - one for gaming (including voice traffic, TS3 & Ventrillo), one for backup traffic (Carbonite), one for web browsing, and one for all other traffic

    I was reading through the stickies at the top and from what I gathered the default percentages fro qwanacks and qlanacks are not optimal.

    The individual traffic shaping rules are something that I can worry about later, so I'd like to just start by getting the queues set up correctly.

    I downloaded the spreadsheet and entered my connection speeds into it, but I don't think the traffic queues are optimal for my settings, so I'm unsure as to what to put for the qwanacks and qlanacks in my PFSense configuration.

    I'm not sure if the queue percentages have to add up to 100%, I'm assuming its a good idea to make them do so.

    Here's how I'd like to divide my traffic up:

    Gaming - 30%
    Carbonite Backup - 10%
    Web Traffic - 40%
    Other Traffic - 20%

    Do I need to include the qlanacks and qwanacks percentages into the above?

    Thanks for any help, once I get started on something like this I usually won't have any more questions to bother people with, just need a little push in the right direction.


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