Dual Wan Issue

  • Hi,

    I have dual setup and some how Opt1 is not getting used to it's full bandwidth .. for example wan is downloading @ 32mbps & OPT1 is only 4+ mbps .. i did follow the manual (http://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Multi-WAN_Version_1.2.x) ..

    I'm using 1.2.3 also below is a screen shot of dashboard

    please help


  • How do you generate test-traffic?

  • @GruensFroeschli:

    How do you generate test-traffic?

    I was downloading torrents .. also if i hookup my modem direct to my pc i get 9.0+ mbps upload test but when i connect via pfsense i get only 4+ mbps

    Both modem has 32.0 mbps download & 10mbps upload subscribed via Sonic Cable

  • You should try a more reliable test like wget ing something from a server you know can provide the bandwidth.
    If you start the download multiple times (or with a download manager) you should see the different connections on the two WANs.

    I think you could use as a test-download a file from here: http://zhaw.ch/~maym

  • cool , after adding 10 link in download manager it work's :) but still can't figure out why upload speed went down from 9mb to 4mb?

  • Hey GruensFroeschli,

    any idea on why my upload speed died from 9mb to 4mb? … my one modem gets 14.5mb upload & Second one gets 9mb ... on speed test it only show's 4mb & if i hookup the modem to my pc direct it shows 14mb ..


  • Which speedtest-service do you use?
    I think they are an unreliable test as well.
    Try to find a fast server where you can upload something and then test to this.

    Otherwise: Do you see any errors? High CPU load? Anything related to something not really working?

  • i tried uploading to rapidshare & my company T1 dedicated server i only get 2.5mb upload speed max was 3.2mb on private file servers.

    I think i have more then inuff cpu & ram? i got AMD 3500+ & 2gb ddr2 ram


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