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    I need some help.  I want to set up pfsense as a perimeter firewall that will sit between my Cable Modem And my wireless Router.

    But i want to use my Existing wireless router as the LAN's DHCP,  I cant work out how to set Pfsense to acheive this.

    I am using an ALIX Embedded PC which has 3 Lan interfaces, 1 WIFI NIC, CF CARD & 1 Serial port, nothing else.  I have Pfsense up and running and have messed about with it.  I can get it to work as a router on its own when connected to my modem so that works but how would i go about connecting the router to the ALIX?

    Do I keep DHCP enabled on ALIX and run LAN int to WAN int on old router??  Or do I disable DHCP on ALIX and give its LAN int a static IP on my to be LAN subnet then connect to LAN int on the old router?

    I have tried various configs but i always end up losing access to Pfsense admin GUI and have to restore to fact defaults.

    Any tips anybody??  I want the ALIX with Pfsense to just be an extra firewall and keep my old router as the wireless router which is a NETGEAR WNR2000 by the way the modem is a Cable Modem from Virgin Media UK the 50Meg one think its a rebranded Ambit, so its not ADSL so its just gives out IP's using DHCP.


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    Put it in bridge mode….:) Your WAN on the wireless AP connects to the LAN side of pfsense....

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