[Solved] Droppings Packets On LAN Interface

  • Hi, im having some new problem over my pf installation, lately the LAN interface is dropping packets, i lose for example about 10% of pings to that interface IP address.

    My topology is like this:

    Internet<–--pfSense<-----ISA Server<----Users Network.

    (pfSense is NIC to NIC with the ISA server without any device between them).

    pfSense installation is doing Proxy Filtering with Squid+SquidGuard (pfSense version was 1.2.2 then about a month ago i update it to 1.2.3 without clean reinstalling). LAN card on pfSense is Realtek (yes i did try the "Lost traffic" explained in troubleshooting FAQ, and didnt make any difference)

    States Table is 50k with average of 20k used. Firewall optimization was in Normal, now im trying "Conservative"

    Without any load (if ISA Server redirect all the user's traffic to another router), the pfSense doesnt lose any ping for example. Before the upgrade wasnt any troubles or packets being dropped as far i can remember.

    Any tips or ideas?


    After modifying even kernel parameters related to ip/tcp/buffers, i gave up, changed network card and made a clean installation, as result, problem solved  ;D

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