FYI - CARP with Disable Firewall option checked

  • Howdy all,

    I just wanted to share my findings as I didn't see anywhere where this was posted.
    I setup a CARP Router by turning off the firewall option under System > Advanced.
    It took me a while to figure this out, but you MUST configure carp and all of its glory BEFORE you disable the firewall, otherwise CARP fails to sync.
    So I hope to potentially save someone the hassle in the future, if anyone else out there is trying to do what I am doing.
    So to repeat. If you are trying to setup an HA router using CARP, you must leave the firewall on, configure CARP and then at the very end when everything is syncing up, disable the firewall and you are in good shape.
    Why this is the case I do not really know, but these are my findings. Cheers. :)
    pfSense forever!

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