Shaper: Webinterface traffic -> default queue. Normal behavior?

  • Hi,

    I have set my default queue to be very slow, because I wanted to make sure any uncategorised traffic goes there.
    I noticed that accessing the webinterface was fed into this default rule.

    So I created 2 floating rules.. one for inbound: quick, destination port <mywebif_port>, high priority Queue. And the same for outbound, but source port <mywebif_port>.

    But pfsense keeps putting traffic from/to webinterface into the default queue..

    Have I done something wrong, or is that expected behavior?

    Update: This seems to work for a WAN interface, but not for LAN. Because that didn't work with either interface in the first place, I also added the high priority queue to the respective interfaces rules for the webinterface. I don't know it it works because of that for WAN now, or if I didn't have to add that queue to the interface rules. However it's working for WAN and not LAN now.. KLan still gets into the default queue..


  • Probably the antilockout rule.

  • Ahh thank you!

    I'll check that!

  • This was it!

    Thanks again!

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