Installing 1.2.3 having problems with network interfaces

  • Hello all!
    First post and you will soon see what a noob I am! :D
    First time I use pfsense, but not the first time I install *nix or a firewall.

    Well to the question.
    I run the live cd installer and all goes fine.
    The system boots and find my two network cards, called bge0 an re0, it states that re0 is UP.
    re0 is the LAN port and it is connected to the LAN using DHCP.
    So then I end up at the question Connecto the LAN interface bla bla so I hit 'a'.
    No link-up detected is the answer I get.

    Maybe I am slow here but what the ****?
    It just said that re0 was up and it isn't now?

    What gives?
    And on a scale 1-10 how neewbie am I? :P

    You can see the screen output in the attachment. :)

  • 1: disconnect all interfaces
    2: select "a"
    3: connect the interface you want assigned
    4: repeat 1-3 for additional interfaces

  • Thank you master, you were my only hope. :)

    That concludes my first newbie-question. Thank you again.
    It all works as I intended now.

    +1 for you GruensFroeschli.

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