Squid proxy blocking my torrents WHY? HELP

  • Hello

    I have interesting problem

    I think my squid proxy on Pf sense are blocking my torrents

    I have 2 Pf sense server connected between them whit IPSec VPN Tunneling.
    “Pf sense 1”  is 192.168.1.x
    “Pf sense 2”  Is 192.168.2.x

    Version of Pf sense is 1.2.3-RELEASE
    Squid  Version  2.7.8_1

    The proxy server is on “Pf sense 2” and I am on the network of “Pf sense 1”
    I can browse web site, download files form some file server without problems,
    but I can’t download torrents. The torrent software ( µTorrent ) can see peers and seeders.
    I make test connection form µTorrent and he don’t detect any problems.

    Please help me :)

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