Traffic Shaping

  • Hi Everyone,

    I wish to set up a VPS hosting solution, and use pfsense for the traffic shaping. I wish to have 3 packages, PackageA will be limited to 1Mbp/s, and Package B and C will have full access to the 100Mbp/s link.

    Can pfsense 2.0 limited all package A users to 1Mbp/s?

    And also, is there a way to stop people from "hogging" all the bandwidth?

    Here is the catch: pfsense wil be set up as a filtering bridge (i.e. WAN and LAN bridged together), as the indivudal VPSs need a public IP.


  • whatd do you mean by 'a package'?

  • "A Package" is a VPS plan. You could call it a profile.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    What I want to know, is that can I rate limit individual IPs without having to create induvudal rules for them i.e. put them into groups


  • Yes - you set up queues (where you can setup Bandwidth limits, Priority etc.) and group the IPs into them.

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