Can't Ping WAN's Gateway..

  • hi everybody,

    I'm a newbie to pfsense. well, today I started to build a dual wan pfsense and I got a problem with IP monitoring.
    The two ISPs are not the same. One used DHCP while the other used static IP.
    The ISP with DHCP has no problem. The other one with static IP can't ping to neither its gateway nor its DNS.
    I heard that they block ICMP. So pfsense load balancer status says, it is offline. actually it is online.
    I have no idea to solve this problem. please. help me.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Use a public DNS server such as Google DNS ( and as the monitor IP in the load balancer for the static IP ISP, and the system will add a static route to make sure it goes out the right way.

  • thanks for your help, jimp.

    gonna try this.  :D

    thank you so much.

  • Same as before….
    no good luck..  :(
    are there any ways to solve this out ??
    plz, help me..

  • Ok. jimp.
    here is how my situation are going.

    Two ISPs.
    1st ISP = DHCP, with Proxy and can ping it.
    2nd ISP = Static, no proxy and cant ping it.

    I have to load balance these two ISPs to Lan and I will use squid cache.
    I only get one desktop pc with 3 NICs to make this one.

    I think I can't make it with one pfsense box. right ??
    so I have to set up it on vmware. (cuz i have only one pc)  ;D

    as for now, I plan to set up like this.

    There will be 2 pfsense box,
    one will be the load balancer and another one will be sit between 2nd ISP and the load balancer. (so I can ping both wan from LB server, right?)

    so 1st ISP goes directly into the LB server and 2nd ISP will goes to LB server through one pfsense box with squid. and LB server to my LAN.

    how about this idea, jimp?

    if you have a better idea for me, plz advise me.

    I really like pfsense and I trust pfsense can do everything.

    thank you for your reply, jimp.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Before you try too much else, you need to know that you cannot load balance with squid on 1.2.3.

    If you use squid on pfSense, it can only use WAN.

  • yes, I know that jimp. thanks for that.

    I will use squid on pfsense box which lies between 2nd ISP and LB server.

    The LB server will only do the load balancing job.

    thank for your reply, jimp. :)

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