1.0.1 possible bugs [with squid] ?

  • Hi !

    I'm using the squid package with pfSense 1.0 Rel.
    It works like a charm… no problems at all...

    Now i upgraded to 1.0.1 and there were the following issues i came across:

    When using the cache, squid seems not to be able to request some pages (dict.leo.org or dpd.net for example), so that it results in an error:

    While trying to retrieve the URL: http://dict.leo.org/
        The following error was encountered:
            * Connection to Failed
        The system returned:
            (1) Operation not permitted
        The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

    This did not happen with pfSense 1.0 Rel.
    When reinstalling 1.0 it works again…

    When disabling the transparent proxy button and hit save, it does not work, so that page requests time out, but there is no redirect rule in rules.debug left…
    Killing the state table does not help, nor helps reloading the rules, just a reboot fixes this problem.

  • Are you running the snort package also by any chance?


  • yes, i am…

    does it influence it ?

    I also googled and found an issue with the pid-file but it did not work...

    Then after some reboots it works again and then you change anything and it does not work anymore :-(

  • Problems have gone after a fresh reinstall of pfSense…

    Seems as if there's something weired going on with the update ;-)

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