Box fried after update

  • Hi,
    I've updated my box to snapshot pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-BETA1-20100615-0418.tgz, system rebooted, get to the console menu, but all 3 interface show NONE as ip. When I tried to specify ip and choose that option, it just takes me back to the console menu, same with all other menus (reboot, revert to default settings…etc). Is there anything i can do or will I need to reinstall?


  • Hi,
    just happened to me too, it is probably the error in the  /etc/inc/ file.
    You can enter the console (8 -shell)
    and delete the extra ")" at the 398 line


    cd /etc/inc
    press 398G
    delete the )
    and press ":w" to save the file
    ":q" the type "exit"

    worked for me.

  • That did it! It was flashing the line error to quick to see it. But now all back online. Thank you!

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