Issues with MultiWan

  • I am having some issues using multi-wan on my PfSense server.

    If I don't set which services will be routed to each connection (ex.: my SIP I set on Firewall to always use OPT1 (Wan1FailoverWan2), HTTPS always use WAN (Wan2FailoverWan1)), it takes a LOOONG time to choose the connection that it will use. Sometimes I take a long time just to open a web site, and I need to press F5 lots of times until it works. So it works a while using one connection, suddenly stops, and after lots of F5, it reloads again using another connection.

    I tested failover, it works, but takes about 5 minutes for change to another connection.

    All the settings I done exactly the same way they are on pfSense docs.

    "Sticky connections" is enabled. What can be done to solve this?

  • You don't need sticky connections.
    In the Fit123 package you can use afterfilterchange to clear states.

  • Thanks for your reply, Perry.

    Just a question: What Sticky Connections does? Why I shouldn't use it?

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