Load Balancing 3 webservers

  • Hi Guys,

    I have a physical server setup at the datacenter I work at, and I have vmWare ESXi installed. I have pfSense installed a bridge firewall, simply to block traffic based on ports.

    I have my own block of public Ip's with gateway, etc.

    3 of the vm's are webservers, 1 is a db, one is an admin server.

    Each webserver has a public facing IP address that I can hit directly. They are setup as wwwX hosts. Using the following as an example, you can see how they are configured.

    www1.company.com -
    www2.company.com -
    www3.company.com -

    Each has the same website. I want to setup sticky session load balancing so that when someone hits www.company.com, they are directed to one of the servers and they stay there until the server goes down and they get bumped to another host.

    So I think I want to create a VIP like

    www.company.com -

    Within pfSense, under the load balancing tab, I have created the following entry to create the virtual server for the main company.com site

    Virtual Servers localhost/load_balancer_virtual_server.php

    name - www.company.com
    server address -
    port - 80
    pool - company.com
    description - virtual server for webserver pool

    And then, under pools, I have added an entry for each webserver

    name - company.com pool
    type - server (balance)
    servers/gateways - / /
    port - 80
    monitor - tcp
    description - web server pool

    So I set the domain to go to the address, which is the virtual server, and I'd expect when I hit that domain to be redirected to 1 of the 3 webservers. but nothing ever resolved. All 3 hosts can serve the website if you hit them directly, so I know the firewall is open for them.

    Am I going about this the right way?

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