Basic Port Forward and how to test if working

  • Hi All,

    My Son wants to participate in an on-line game that instructs to open port 10000.

    I'm running 1.2.3 and attempted to go through the menus and enter the necessary info.  I allowed pfSense to automatically create a Firewall rule.

    I tested it using Steve Gibson's "ShieldsUp" site which reported the port as "Stealth" which I believe means my Port Forward attempt did not work.

    We then turned off the Windows XP Firewall on my Son's PC to make sure it wasn't blocking the port but it didn't help.

    A couple of times I got the GRC site to report the port as "Closed" instead of "Stealth".

    Can someone please verify a couple of settings or suggest other things I should be doing ?

    In the field where it asks for the "NAT IP" I entered the IP address of the computer my Son is using.  Is this correct ???

    In the fields where it ask for the "External port range" and the "Local port" there are pull-down menus with list of various types of services or protocols (not sure what these are) with a second field to enter the port number.  I did NOT change the pull-down and left it set at (other).  I entered port 10000 into both of these.  Is this correct ???

    Thanks !


  • If it reports as closed, that means it probably went through to the computer, but the computer didn't have a program listening on that port at that moment.

  • Thanks for the reply Efonne.  I had my Son start the game, I think. (He can see other players listed as on-line but can't view or join the game) While he had it open I was on another computer and did a Custom Port probe on port 10000.

    Still reports as closed.


  • What game is this, is I may ask?

  • @tommyboy180:

    What game is this, is I may ask?

    He says it was Guilty Gear.

    Update. My son has this working to some extent and is able to play the game against an on-line opponent. It may be that he just wasn't familiar with the game and needed to select an 'active' session to connect to. Can't say for sure as he mucked around in my pfSense while I was at work.

    Hard to say as when I do the GRC ShieldsUp test it shows it as Stealth right now.

    I don't do gaming or on-line sessions of this type so don't understand what's needed.

    Thanks to all for your help.

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