• I am having a strange situation where when I use IP address sites, my IP changes very slowly (on the order of minutes up to maybe 5 minutes, 10 minutes?).. The time is indefinite.

    However, the IP does change eventually.

    It does seem though that the router favors WAN instead of OPT1.

    Thanks for the help…


    1. WAN and OPT1 are Motorola Cable Modems at substantially different bandwidths (~15Mbps WAN, ~79 Mbps OPT1). They use the same ISP, and have the default access page (so only 1 modem is accessible at a time); despite this, they via DHCP get different gateways.

    WAN Gateway: 69.X.Y.1
    OPT1 Gateway: 68.X.Y.1

    1. Under STATUS->INTERFACE, both interfaces are UP/UP:
      WAN: 6671937/7140771 (1.31 GB/237.57 MB)
      OPT1: 4708516/6987198 (415.16 MB/530.92 MB)
      No dropped or collisions, up or down

    2. Under STATUS->LOAD BALANCING, both interfaces are UP
      WAN: Online Delay: 10.316ms, Loss: 0.0%
      OPT1: Online Delay: 10.842ms, Loss: 0.0%

    We implement 3 cases:
    a- load-balancing
    b- WAN fails; goto OPT1
    c- OPT1 fails; goto WAN

    The polling is done using the GATEWAY IPs of the modems they receive via DHCP.

    What I Have Already Tried

    1. I've made sure under FIREWALL->RULES->LAN (tab), we have:

    (There is a "special case HTTPS" that comes first….)

    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Schedule Description

    • LAN net * * * WanBalanceOpt   Load Balancing (EXEC LAST)
    1. Under FIREWALL->NAT->OUTBOUND, we have:

    SELECTED: Manual Outbound NAT Rule Generation

    We created a rule for each cable modem:

    WAN * * * * *
    Auto created rule for LAN

    OPT1 * * * * *
    Auto created rule for LAN

    1. Under SYSTEM->ADVANCED:

    SELECTED: Sticky Connections

  • It appears the reason is because I have STICKY CONNECTIONS ENABLED

    I thought the "do not use" restriction has been lifted lol.

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