New ISP plan (quota/shaped). any help re:shaping my end.

  • Sorry,

    I am a little short on time, as I am about to upgrade my ISP plan. The thing is its a quota/shaped account, which I have never had.

    Was wondering if anybody can tell me if its possible to shape it from my end, allowing me to work out the trade off between speed for the month and quota. Ie… instead of going MAX for part of the month and shaped after quota filled, I'd like to reduce the speed so that I end up minimizing the shaped speed during the month (if quota is getting full)

    I guess what I am basically asking, is instead of going XYZ (max speed) for XYZ days (and reaching quota which would be done quite quickly-ie I can get good speed but fairly small quota), how would I slow the speed down and average it out over the month?

    Is anybody currently doing this? or perhaps point me in a direction I should look into..(or if its possible)
    thank you.

    edit: sorry for the spoon feed question... just I dont have time to either change or leave it as status quo

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