Use pfsense's webserver for intranet..

  • Hi,

    How can I use pfSense's webserver for some simple intranet webpages…?

    I.e. where do I place the page files and how do I address them..?

    Thanks for info on this


  • The server that runs the webgui is not meant for this. All settings are tuned to just run the webgui. It's not a good idea to abuse it.

  • Thanks for the advice hoba.

    And I assume that it is not a good idea to install apache ;-)  Though my only option is to set up a separate *x box because I don't want to use M$ IIS.

    My pfsense box has two LAN nics, one at and the other at  Say I set up a webserver box called 'intranet.local' at  Then I need to set up dns and routing to this box so I can access it from both lans.

    How to I add the dns entries and the routing from the 192.168.133 lan to  Sorry but I'm a complete novice to firewalls and knowing this as a point of departure will help me understand the basics better.

    well, thanks anyway - pfsense is really a great piece of software


  • pfSense can do natreflection to make your forwarded services available by their public IP for the internal clients. Just enable it at system>advanced (very bottom of the page). Other option is to setup a split dns (resolving the internal IP of your server for the clients). This has to be done at the DNS-Server that your client use. In case it'S the DNS-forwarder of the pfsense visit services>dns-forwarder and add static mappings to make it resolve the internal IP for your servers.

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